Sapulpa Life Church

Sapulpa Life Church has been long-time client of mine and in the beginning, Sapulpa Life Church was simply a seed for my business – a free website that I wanted to sew into the community in order to bless the  church and it’s pastor.

The first iteration of the site was clean, simple and built with Textpattern.

The second version of the site came along after I joined the church as Youth Pastor, and we switched from Textpattern to WordPress. It is little more than a customized theme that we paid for.

As my knowledge in WordPress has grown, so has my desire to implement a very personal touch to SLC’s website. I decided to design a theme from scratch, taking cues from several inspirations such as and my good friend Brandon Richards. What resulted is the final iteration you see today, which has already started attracting attention, including being featured in the showcase on WordPress For Ministry’s website.

Update: Since my wife and I left the church in December of 2010, they have switched to another Content Management System and are no longer using this theme.