Blogging: You’re doing it wrong?


Most of my time with Rocket No. 9 is spent looking at small businesses and how they’re using their online identity to well – identify with their target audience. When it comes to blogging, so many of them are doing it wrong.

I think there’s the idea that because a blog is a quick-and-easy posting tool (or it should be) that it’s the best way to update your readers or subscribers with news about your organization. I believe that if you have a product or sell a service, then news about said product or service needs to be an extremely small part of your blog. Relegate it to a category, not a major portion of the content.

A blog is not primarily a news tool. To be effective, a blog needs to be primarily an engagement tool. People don’t subscribe to your blog because they want to see the latest changes and updates to your product or service (unless you have a blog specifically dedicated to that). By and large, people subscribe to your blog for your experience and wisdom. Really. If you’ve been doing what you do for awhile and others want to learn more about it, it’s a great chance to share your wisdom with your readers. If you just solved a unique problem for a customer of yours, it’s a terrific way to share your experience so that they can learn from it. Or maybe they found a different way to solve that problem and want to comment on it.

Think about it – what good does it do to shovel out useless information to a captive audience? Truth is, if you’re not engaging them, they won’t be captivated for long.

Take some time this week to think about your blog (if you have one) and what you can do to turn it into more of an engagement tool that drives your readers to do more with your business – and I don’t just mean buy more stuff.

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